IT Services


Unchain yourself from being connected to your business 24/7.

OSTREMO is a premier provider of information technology services for small business, mid-size enterprises. 
We know the challenges you face running a small business, and IT should be one of your assets in growing your business. We have the highest regard for your business and cater to your specific needs, both before and after the sale.  Beyond adapting to your business needs, we stay up to date on market trends, provide new growth opportunities and find the most cost-effective measures so your business benefits the most from your investments.

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IT Consulting.

Professional IT Consultants to help your IT department with sales, support, integration or management of various IT technologies to power your business.

OSTREMO have 18 years of comprehensive experience in providing IT consulting services that can help your business find the right mix of technologies to integrate to get the right solutions for your IT needs with the best Value on your Investment (VoI). 
Our partnership with leading IT vendors such Dell and Microsoft, and our experience building solutions based on their platform, we offer the following as part of our comprehensive IT Services for your small business.

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Network Services.

Our Network Services are provided by Certified Network & System Engineers.

OSTREMO's experienced Technical Support Professionals are certified Network Engineers who can assists your IT department in resolving issues remotely or on-site. We offer various types of managed network services to suite your particular IT requirements. 
For small businesses or medium-sized enterprises, the network and IT services are a critical components of your business, and that is why our network and IT services are focused towards helping your IT team meet the challenges of an ever changing IT landscape today and in the future.

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Web Services.

Our website design and programming services are custom-built based upon every customer's unique ideas and requirements.

OSTREMO's 18 years of experience designing, maintaining and operating client's websites can get your business all the right tools to make your foray into online marketing a success the first time around. Our extensive knowledge with various search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo, and our expertise with SEO engineering can make a whole lot of difference for a successful web marketing presence. We can also get your business into the world of social media marketing by affording your business its own social media identities allowing you to directly interact with your customers. 
OSTREMO can also help your business design, build and manage web applications for your business either for internal or external use by your customers or employees.

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IT HelpDesk / RemoteSupport.

24/7 HelpDesk Support for your business is just a phone call, e-mail or text message away.

We know how important it is to have a reliable IT infrastructure, and how downtime affects the productivity of your users and your business. That is why when problems arises and you need to have your system back up and running again, you can count on us to be there 24/7 to help resolve the problems quickly and efficiently.  
Our award-winning RemoteSupport powered by GFI MAX Remote Management Systems can provide your business the needed help desk support anytime of the day or after hours.

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SALES - Hardware & Software.

We can help your business buy the hardware and software for your IT infrastructure.

From our roots as a small business doing brick and mortar retail sales and services, our experience helping consumers and small businesses meet the demands of their business and personal use, we have became expert in selecting and recommending the right hardware and software for the job, at the lowest cost possible. Always within budget and on-time. 
OSTREMO can also help your business design, build and manage web applications for your business either for internal or external use by your customers or employees.

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